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Helipad Wedding at Burj Al Arab by Dialight

Weddings are our forte, and after five years in the industry we would like to say we’ve seen it all, however when a VIP-member contacted us recently inquiring whether we could provide our expert services for a wedding on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab, we were definitely dumbstruck.

The wedding that was organized for Dubai-based royalty and designed by renowned local wedding designer Omar Gold, photographs like something from a dystopian future; cream coloured silk furnishings with a backdrop of the cloudy sky, crystals meshed amongst budding roses and of course the incredible panoramic view which is inimitable by any other wedding venue and a signature to the Burj Al Arab. The helipad, which had most recently hosted international celebrity DJ David Guetta playing a set as part of his United at Home series, is notoriously difficult to access and is reserved only for the elite.

The Burj Al Arab which opened in 1999 still maintains its significance as a must-visit destination for luxury connoisseurs and continues to operate with the highest-standards given the current health crisis and guarantees a level of security and privacy for its guests that is otherwise inaccessible. In addition to its security and safety measures the renowned hotel is in a league of its own with a reported 7-star rating, and an unbeatable view alongside decadent interior-décor that celebrates the glory of the Arab-nation paired with lavish amenities. If luxury is an everyday part of your lifestyle, then a wedding on the helipad is surely a natural extension of it, but fair warning, the hotel reserves all rights to who can use this space for celebrations.

As for The Dialight team? We’re still feeling the giddy rush of being chosen to handle this event and deliver imagery and videography that is an eternal testament to the love shared during this unique celebration.


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