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Dayana & Mai Rashed: The Dialight Story

While we normally highlight all things bridal, today we’re looking at something a little different; the story of Dialight Production (our sister company) and how it came to be.

When Dialight began six years ago it began with the dream that Maria Dayana Tertyshnaya possessed; a vision of exemplary photography and videography services for brides of the region but little did she know that in the process she would meet her future business partner and a long-term friend, Mai Rashed.

In a recent feature by Dubai Horizon’s, the story of Dayana and Mai is explored in full detail highlighting the undeniable power of the collaborative spirit and female entrepreneurship. The detailed story profiles both women and how their chance meeting lead to the development of both Dialight Production and Fleur Du Desert ; the former being the studio space that accommodates photoshoots and video campaigns for individuals and business owners with the added advantage of renting the 4000-squarefoot space for private events and the latter being a luxury flower shop that caters to the discerning flower enthusiasts of the region.

To learn more and read the full story visit Dubai Horizons.

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