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The DREAM TEAM for Your Wedding

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Behind the scenes of our mesmeric wedding videos and striking photography lies the talent, dedication and immeasurable work-ethic of a one-of-a-kind ALL-FEMALE team. Today on the Dialight Bride Blog, we would like to introduce all of you to the wonderful women that keep creating magic for our clients.

The Dialight Team
The Dialight Team

Dayana Tertyshnaya, CEO & Founder

As the CEO & Founder of Dialight, I believe that any business is only as successful as its team. That being said, my team is my family. These amazing women are united not just by the love of photography and video, but to celebrate and champion the talent of their fellow women. As someone whose passion led to the creation of Dialight, every project and every family we work with brings me immeasurable joy because it involves doing what I love.

Priya Sarkar, Client Relationship Manager

A savant with client management. Priya’s effortlessly warm and professional nature ensures all our clients are happy, confident and 100% satisfied with the final product. Whether you have questions about logistics, equipment or the team, Priya is always on hand with all the right answers – and solutions!

Quote: When you have passion and love for what you do, it doesn’t really feel like a job.

Elena Kassem, Baby Dialight Manager

Being a mother herself, Elena takes her baby shoots very personally. The warmth and love she has for children radiate from the photos she takes which creates a deep bond with the families. Her beautiful empathetic nature makes her an amazing artist and a highly-skilled baby photographer

Quote: The way that tradition is celebrated and upheld in the region is wonderful to witness at a time when so much of it is lost.

Dominic Delizo, Album Designer & Editor

The sweetest and the kindest person on our team; Dominic is like a warm hug. Her cheerful personality brings joy not only to our clients but to our entire team. Being our main photo editor, she is very involved in every special occasion we shoot.

Quote: The love and support of this team is evident in the work we produce. Doing what I love every day.

Irina Shcherbachenko, Photographer & Videographer

She’s our creative powerhouse, an extremely thoughtful human being. In her personal life she’s always creating beautiful pieces of art and loves sharing them with the team. She has an eye for detail and a unique point of view that brings her photos to life in a way that’s signature to her own unique style.

Quote: The beauty of what we do lies in capturing the most intimate moments – real life love stories!

Daria Kornilenka, Principal Photographer

The wild child of our team with the voice of a nightingale. Her radiant personality and positive energy are contagious. Her intricate thought process is what makes her such an amazing photographer paired with her drive and awe-inspiring creativity.

Quote: The appreciation from the clients is my favourite part of the job. The smile and joy our work brings to them.

Halyna Kryvoruchko, Principal Photographer

The newest member of our ever-growing team and the definition of calm and patient. She loves music and similarly brings rhythm into everything she does. A fun-loving person with hawk-like focus.

Quote: Life doesn’t repeat itself. Capturing these moments are a way to remember one’s best moments.

Anastasia Dereviova, Principal Videographer

She brings the party to our team and is always a good time. Her ideas, her spark and her tenacity are what draws people to her and she always speaks her mind. She is a creator like no other and her love for her work, helps her film videos that capture the beauty of the moment in all its finery.

Quote: The best part about the job? The TEAM! Dereviova

Aleksandra Sventytska, Principal Videographer

Inspired by classics and the love for cinema, she is a visionary. She’s always on the lookout for a challenge and dreams big. Her drive is incomparable and her respect for her art makes her an outstanding film maker

Quote: To capture the essence of someones special day is to capture their dreams.

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