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Magnificent Wedding Crystal by MOSER

Brides of the Middle East are often spoilt for choice as we at Dialight witnessed in a plethora of weddings that have an outpouring of brand names. So, when we were introduced to this luxurious crystal brand our thoughts were unanimous – we have to talk about it here on the BRIDE BLOG!

In 1857, in the small town of Karolvy Vary, Czech Republic Ludwig Moser opened his workshop fresh from his apprenticeships with Mattoni & Hoffmann, two master engravers of the time. By, 1873 word of Moser’s exquisite quality product had spread through the region leading the Emperor Franz Joseph 1 to grant Moser the privilege of designing for his court. What follows is a story of innovative spirit, exquisite crystal and a clientele brimming with royalty, nobility and fascinating figures from the arts not to mention campaigns with iconic celebrities like Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida and owners of the brands work like Robert Redford, John Malkovich, Judi Dench, Morgan Freeman and Jude Law, to name a few. Through generations of exquisite craftsmanship and immaculate detail paired with unmatched quality Moser dazzles as a purveyor of the finest crystal. But what makes a Moser creation so exclusive?

We’ve learned that it takes 40 highly-skilled artisans to create a singular piece of Moser crystal. In addition, the dazzling creations are crafted in led-free crystal glass meaning it is not only better for the environment and the artisans but for the owner of Moser’s work. The colour story of each crystal is also developed by the melting of rare earth and metal oxides, meaning competing crystal brands can never replicate these shades making a Moser creation truly one-of-a-kind.

Moser Crystal used by Royalty
The Moser drinking collection sparkles at royal weddings in Spain & Copenhagen

Need we say more? As our brides are consistently looking to stand apart from the crowd Moser’s unique crystal tableware in shades of Rosaline, Alexandrite or Aquamarine would be a sure-fire way to exude decadence in style while making an elegant statement in design.

For brides looking to elevate their special day one step further, Moser is known to custom- create crystal with motif and art engraving for royalty, a rare and unique customization service that has been celebrated in recent years by the world’s affluent and elite.

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