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Brides & Tiaras: The Brands to Shop

Dazzling, unforgettable and expertly crafted. Royals, first-ladies and style-icons alike all have one (or several) Naturally we’re talking about tiara’s, you know, those dazzling accessories typically adorning the heads of royalty? Not to be confused with crowns (often larger and a fuller circle than the former) Tiaras are typically smaller however no less radiant. And, today we’re looking at selection of brands you can shop to get your very own, arranged in order from the most decadent (and we mean royalty-level) to the more budget-friendly. As, always let us know your favourites in the comments.

Audrey Hepburn, Queen Rania and Princess Grace wearing tiaras
Audrey wears Chaumet | Queen Rania wears Cartier | Princess Grace wears Cartier

The Haute Jewellers:

Instantly recognizable by their signature blue boxes and forever memorialized as the ‘It’-girls go-to thanks to films like Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Baz Lurhman’s critically acclaimed readaptation of The Great Gatsby (to name a few) Tiffany & Co is a favourite amongst our brides and for good reason. This famed Maison is known to create effortlessly elegant jewellery that melds the contemporary with the timeless and a quick-browse at their Dubai Mall store or website is enough to have us swooning. This one-of-a-kind piece in particular complete with canary yellow diamonds is sure to set any bride apart from the crowd.

Audrey Hepburn in Tiffany's jewellery
Audrey wore Tiffany's & Co’s Ribbon Rosette necklace consisting of yellow diamonds of 128.54 carats.

Queen Elizabeth, Queen Rania of Jordan, Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Diana, Andy Warhol, Yves Saint Laurent, Elizabeth Taylor, the list is quite endless when it comes to Cartier’s pantheon of famous clientele. The famed Maison that was started in Paris, 1874 by Louis-Françoisis known for its bold and unapologetic approach to jewellery and in recent years the brands penchant for creating statement pieces has remained unchanged. An investment in a Cartier piece is equivalent to creating your own heirloom and we’re currently obsessed with the Antique Piece Tiara in platinum and diamonds on their website.

Duchess of Cambridge, Queen Rania & Princess all wearing individual Cartier tiaras.
Duchess of Cambridge, Queen Rania & Princess all wearing individual Cartier pieces.

The official jeweller’s of the late Empress Josephine and perhaps one of most globally recognized brands for crafting the tiarasof sovereigns, Chaumet glides into our list as effortlessly as Princess Grace who famously wore the Bains de Mer tiarato her pre-wedding party in April, 1956. The brands instantly recognizable styles are often romantic in nature, exuding an effervescent type of elegance that is inimitable. Their Joséphine Aigrette Cultured Pearls Head Ornament has a art-deco zing that we’re in love with.

Audrey Hepburn wears a teardrop Chaumet tiara in the film My Fair Lady.

The Budget-Friendly Brands

One of our local favourites for elegant wedding dresses Esposa boutique is also privy to some unique headpieces that are sure to make the hearts of any bride flutter. Apart from selling renowned brands like Oscar de la Renta, Zuhair Murad, Marchesa and their own line, Esposa boutique has a range of exquisite tiaras guaranteed to set you apart from the crowd on your special day, or any day for that matter. After all, who said tiaras could only be worn during weddings?

Esposa Tiara photographed by Dialight Studio
An exquisite Esposa hair ornament doubles as a tiara. Image by Dialight

Another unique option for brides on the lookout for unique tiaras. Pronovias bridal boutique offers all things wedding from dresses to headpieces. However, what sets their accessories apart is their unique selection. While most boutiques that carry tiaras in the region are more on the diamond/crystal encrusted spectrum, Pronovias showcases more demure options that are sure to complement the styles of our modern minimalist brides. This lightly-netted star scattered band is one such example of their magical creations.

A Pronovia's tiara.
A starry Pronovia's tiara with veil detail is whimsically chic.

A favourite of our Emirati-brides, Siana Crowns on Instagram creates bespoke pieces straight out of a fairytale book. The process which takes 1-2 weeks per style allows you to design your own tiara or crown with exceptional results.

A storied secret of brides and wedding attendees looking for one-of-a-kind and comparatively affordable dresses, Al Daker in Dubai offers a selection of wedding and evening dresses along with some delightful crystalized headpieces.

For live updates, bridal trends and all things wedding follow the official Dialight page on Instagram. Tell us in the comments which brand from the above is your favourite for tiaras.

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