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The 5 Best Wedding Shoes – As Reported by Real Brides

It’s your special day and you’ve had everything from the venue to the dress and even the catering sorted, but what about your wedding shoes?

After all, your wedding shoes will be what you spend countless hours in and are the most likely to have a significant impact on your mood. Thankfully at Dialight.Me we’ve worked with thousands of brides who’ve shared their personal wisdom on what the best wedding shoes are and today we’re sharing their experiences with you, so you too can enjoy a phenomenal wedding day.

Comfort, style and elegance; the three words one rarely utilizes in synchronicity with non-flat shoes. However, Manolo Blahnik has mastered the impossible with heels that have consistently wowed the hearts of our brides and left them in the best of moods with unscathed feet to match.

For a bride with a sense of modern minimalism, these are definitely a must-have and apart from their subdued design they possess immeasurable comfort. However, our brides have also expressed the downside of these beauties are their lack the glamour as compared to the more extravagant options.

Glamorous and comfortable. Gianvito Rossi is another designer on our bride’s lips that have paved the way for weddings filled with the fondest of memories. For those that find the minimalism of Saint Laurent’s versions too glaringly simple, Gianvito Rossi offers high-octane glamour with comfort to match.

These shoes make a statement and are a go-to for the trendier brides. Combining modern design and sleek detailing this designer ensures your bridal photographs look like an image straight out of Vogue Arabia. However, aside from their undeniably photogenetic beauty Aquazura is not known to be the most comfortable for extended periods of time.

While many of our brides have attested to Monsieur Louboutin’s creations being ‘picture perfect’ the iconic red bottoms are not necessarily the most comfortable to wear for endless amounts of time, much less to handle the customary greetings and frivolities that come with being the bride. However, our brides have also suggested a quick-change, perhaps alternating with a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s after the pictures are done.

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