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3 Wedding Worthy Timepieces - The New Bridal Trend in Dubai

For those of you that have worked with Dialight and for those of you that are new to our Bride Blog, it goes without saying that all the content shared here is obtained from meticulous research as opposed to passing trends. Our topics and themes are derived from what we witness first-hand at the most prestigious weddings in and around Dubai, and from our close work with the entire bridal party. Which is why today, we’re delighted to talk about the dawn of elegant timepieces as bridal accessories in the Middle East.

Image by Chaumet.

While Audemars Piguet and Rolex signal nobility and refinement in their own right, it can be quite jarring to see one of these timepieces paired with the traditional softness of a wedding gown and more often than not – it is. But, most recently we’ve begun to witness an immersion of more elegant timepieces by storied brands like Harry Winston whose High Jewellery Timepieces such as The Mini Twist or The Art Deco enchantingly blends the functionality of keeping time with design in a manner that is not only refined but effortlessly elegant.

Harry Winston Brides Watch
Harry Winston as photographed officially by Dialight.

The revered film-legend Elizabeth Taylors 69.42-carat diamond was cut by jeweller Harry Winston | The Mini Twist & Art Deco Watch pictured above.

But Harry Winston isn’t the only master watchmaker we’re taking note of, in fact our brides also speak volumes about Chaumet, the legendary Maison founded in Paris, 1780 which quickly became the official jeweller to Empress Josephine.

A Chaumet diamond ring at Dubai wedding.
Chaumet as photographed for a Dialight client.

Chaumet, the legendary Maison founded in Paris, 1780 was the official jeweller to Empress Josephine. Pictured above The Joséphine Aigrette Impériale & The Joséphne "Rondes De Nuit"

Pieces such as The Joséphine Aigrette Impériale watch in white diamonds with a certified yellow diamond at its center for example seamlessly elevate and compliment exquisite bridal gowns while other styles such as The Joséphine “Rondes De Nuit” watch, though bolder and slightly more androgynous in style perfectly acclimatize to women with a bolder wedding palette. Last, but not least we have Graff, the British jeweller founded and based in London by Laurence Graff in 1960, known particularly for their spellbinding work with gem stones. This rarefied-artisanal know-how is also evident in the brands watches, in particular with pieces like The Inspired by Twobly watch; which recreates swirling patterns inspired by artist Cy Twoblys work, a dazzling display of spiraling streams sparkling with round and baguette cut diamonds and a pavé diamond dial.

Graff diamond timepiece worn by Dubai bride.
A Graff diamond timepiece as photographed for a Dialight client.
Image by Graff

In the end what we’ve learned through working with countless brides, wedding designers, dress designers, jewellers and organizers is the intrinsic truth of all weddings; that is its personal. Weddings, both big and small are personal to the vision of the bride and groom and whether one chooses to wear a big bold timepiece or opt for something simpler, if it brings a smile to your face, then this, if not any other day of your life, is the day to say yes – to the right timepiece that is.


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